7 Things Others Don’t Realize You Are Doing Because You’re Highly Awakened

People who are awakened spiritually and mentally are more conscious of themselves, of their surroundings and the people around them. They have certain habits which others don’t have. Here is a list of unusual habits which awakened people exhibit. Read more to find out if you are one of them.

Feel Emotions Strongly

You feel others feelings and emotions quite strongly and try to help people in getting their problems solved. They like to take people out of their misery since they are able to feel their pain and misery strongly.


You are conscious of everything especially your soul. You see realistic dreams and most importantly you remember them. You see signs in your dreams which your sub-conscious self-tries to communicate to you. You are aware of something extraordinary and want to share it with everyone around you.


You don’t like to accept life the way it is but you want to know about the working of everything. Your question about every single thing in order to understand the way of life.

Signs and Symbols

You believe in the greater good and always try to see the bigger picture. You see signs in everything like a spirit animal or any strange occurrence try to connect the dots. Your intuition is very strong and you believe your gut feeling in doing everything.

Deeper Meaning of everything

You try to find the hidden meaning behind everything and your conversations always shift to heavier topics. You are not concerned with money-oriented things and you try to find the realism. You like to understand everything and you are very practical.

Trust the Cosmos

You trust the cosmos to steer you in the right direction of your life and help you gain the purpose which you are born for. You have trust in yourself and your spiritual awakening. You are not afraid of spirits rather you welcome.

You like to be Alone

You like to stay to yourself and introspect your inner self rather than spending time with your friends. Some may consider this as an antisocial behavior but your shift towards an alone time when you are awakened.

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