7 Signs Synchronicity is Trying to Show You Something

Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity which means “meaningful coincidences” that are unlikely and ironic to happen, but sometimes are very helpful. This phenomenon is a sign of the universe. Your connectedness and your intuition help you in the times of trouble. When you are experiencing synchronicity, believe that you are at the right place at the right time.

For some people synchronicity happens all the time which is a kind of a way to show us that we are on the right path and open to spiritual guidance.

Here a few examples that you might be experiencing synchronicity in your life:

  • Receiving a phone call from someone you were just thinking of, or text message or email from them; sometimes even running into them.
  • Although you are having some kind of a problem, you are not looking for a solution. But somehow the universe knows exactly what you need and a product that solves your problem is brought across your way. For example, you are struggling with hair loss and suddenly you are seeing this shampoo for hair loss on the shelves in the store, just like the universe is saying: – “Here! This is what you need!”
  • Sometimes, while watching TV or a movie, the story line is exactly like your current situation in life. Watch carefully, you might find a solution.
  • You might hear strangers discussing something you have been thinking about in your own life.
  • You are randomly meeting someone who can help you through a current issue. This is how the universe says “Hi!” to you.
  • At the moments when you are feeling down, you are getting a reassuring message out of nowhere. Someone randomly telling you that you are beautiful, or your kid telling you that they love you. Open your email too, you might find uplifting message from a friend or relative.
  • At the right timing, everything lines up perfectly. One thing is delivered after another.

Source: thelimitlessminds.com

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