The Power of Crystals

I have always been fascinated with and almost in awe of crystals and gemstones. As a child I never got into collecting dolls or toys; I collected rocks! My rock collection was quite impressive; I had crystals and geodes from all over the world. Not your typical thing to collect but I guess I wasn’t your typical child either. For some reason I was drawn to these gemstones. I was obviously drawn to their sheer beauty; however there was something else about these mysterious natural formations that I was drawn to as well. I believe that is was the energies of these crystals that attracted me to them. As I became an adult I began to learn about the healing properties of crystals and eventually became a certified crystal healer.

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to bring about healing and positive changes in the mind, body, and spirit. For me, crystals have healed sickness, healed emotional trauma, helped me to overcome addictions, energized me, and completely changed my life! All gemstones carry their own unique vibrational frequencies and by placing them on your body or in your aura you can then change your own vibrational frequency. Crystals also act as amplifiers. They amplify your intention and bring about the desired outcome that much faster.

There are many different crystals out there in all shaped, sizes, and colors and they each have their own unique properties for addressing different physical and emotional problems. However, you can drive yourself crazy trying to research and find the exact crystals that you think you need. You should actually do it the opposite way, the crystal picks you! So, if you are in a crystal shop picking out crystals to take home with you, just stop and go back to the very first crystal that you touched because most likely that was the crystal that chose you.

After you purchase your new natural treasures there are some preparations that first need to be done before they are ready to be used. I’m sure you are probably excited and want to use them already, but these next steps are a crucial part of the whole crystal healing process.

First you will need to cleanse your crystals of any negative energy that it has absorbed. If they were in a store, many people may have touched them and the crystal could have easily absorbed any negative energies they were carrying, and you certainly don’t want that in your energy field. You will also need to cleanse your crystals from time to time depending on how you use them. There are several different effective methods for clearing crystals. The easiest and one of the most effective ways is to place them in your hands, holding the intention to clear all negative energy from the crystal, and hold it under running water for one to two minutes. The faucet works perfectly. Some other methods for clearing are to place them in salt for several hours, or bury them in the earth for a day or more, or by simply using your breath. Step two is to attune your new crystal to your vibrational frequency and to set the intention that it will only be used for your higher good or the good of anyone else that uses it. All you need to do is hold the crystal in your hands, close your eyes, and set those two intentions. You may either say them aloud or just think them, either way is effective. Step three is to charge your crystals. Simply place your crystals in direct sunlight for a minimum of 5 hours. You can also place them overnight under the light of a full or new moon. The final step is to program your crystals for what you are going to be using them for. For example you can say that they are to be used for general healing purposes, or for protection, or grounding, etc… This is an optional step that may or may not be done. The reason that one may do this step is because programming a crystal for a particular use further attunes it to the vibration of your needs; bringing about the desired result even faster. To do this you must hold the crystal in your hands and say aloud (not in your head) “This crystal will be used for ___”, and fill in the blank. Repeat those words 3 to 4 times to fully program the crystal. Now you are ready to use your new crystals!

There are many different ways in which you can use your crystals; it all depends on your needs. Here are just a few ways in which you can use your precious gemstones: You can wear them as jewelry or carry one or two with you in your pocket or purse (if you use them in this manner, remember that you must cleanse your crystals more often because they will more easily soak up any negativity in the environment that you are in). You can also meditate with your crystals by placing them on or around you, which will greatly amplify your meditation. You can balance and clear your chakras using crystals by placing corresponding stones on each chakra and intending to clear and balance them. You can keep crystals around your room or in your workspace for clearing or protection. You can even put certain stones under your pillow at night to enhance and remember your dreams, or for better sleep. The possibilities are limitless with crystals and they are sure to enhance your life in every area! I hope you enjoy using crystals as much as I do!

About the Author

Erika Lyn Cook is a freelance writer and the author of the upcoming book Purple People – The Diary of an Indigo Child. This book is a memoir of her life, and takes you through a journey of exactly what it’s like to live as an Indigo child. Erika is also a certified Angel Healer Practitioner, Reiki practitioner, a certified Chrystal Healer, and an I.E.T. Healer. For more information about her services or about her upcoming book visit her website at []




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